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Redefine You

A doctor-led clinic, based in Oxford/Oxfordshire, Witney, London, providing expert treatment in the fields of medical skincare, aesthetics, medical weight loss and womens’ wellness.


Dr Inga offers:


  • A medical aesthetic doctor consultation for age-appropriate medical aesthetic procedures

  • Personalised medical skincare advice by Dr Inga and skin treatments by a professional aesthetician

  • A wide range of treatment options for aging, recommended via a doctor led, personalised treatment plan.

  • Comprehensive consultation with a GP specialised in obesity management for weight loss advice

  • Prescriptions for weight loss medication where it is clinically found to be appropriate for you after consultation

  • In-depth doctor consultation for menopause, with advice and bespoke therapy.



There are many non-medical clinics offering these procedures and services and price is only one of the multitude of factors involved in choosing which to go for. 


Your choice should be based on a medical practitioner you can trust.

Dr Inga Taganova

Dr Inga Taganova is a practicing GP who has also been working in the medical aesthetics field since 2004. Inga was trained in the UK, France and Monaco, and is committed to engaging in her professional development, learning about new treatments and services.

Dr Inga also has extensive experience in Women's Health, having worked in Gynaeocology for a number of years and she previously lead a Well Woman Clinic in Devon. From this, she has trained and developed an understanding for wellbeing related to menopause and weightloss.

Dr. Inga strongly believes that the best approach to providing medical treatment and non-surgical procedures, is to deliver tailor made treatments that are of the highest quality, safe and based on her expert knowledge in the cosmetic field. 

Whether you’re new or a long-term client, Dr Inga carefully guides her patients on their journey, with her professional reassuring manner.


Dr Richard Sawyer



Dr Sawyer is a consultant anaesthetist in Oxford and has been trained and practicing in aesthetic medicine since 2006. Dr Sawyer was trained in mesotherapy at the University of Bordeaux. 


Through his practice as a chronic pain management specialist Dr Sawyer is highly experienced in the use of botulinum toxin and radiofrequency technology. 


Dr Sawyer is particularly interested in the use of the new and exciting Mopheus8 radiofrequency technology 

Genia Stockwell


For over 20 years, Genia worked in the field of mental health and well-being. With expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy counselling, Genia is well-equipped to provide invaluable support to those in need.

Recently, Genia's interests have expanded to include aesthetics, adding a new dimension to her work. In addition to her roles as a therapist, she now engages in medical aesthetic consultations. At Oxford Wellness, she offers a wide range of treatment options for clients, with each treatment plan doctor-led and advised by Dr. Inga.

Specialising in menopause and well-being counselling, Evgenia's holistic approach to health and aesthetics ensures that her clients receive the best possible care to look and feel their best.

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