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Skin boosters


Skin boosters help with deep-skin hydration, improved skin elasticity, smoothening rough skin and luminous skin complexion. In other words, Skin Boosters micro-injections help lock in moisture in the skin so as to enhance the skin’s appearance. It is the perfect solution for ageing impacts on the skin as it reverses your skin to look nourished, smooth, firm, soft and glowing. Skin Boosters create a natural dewy subtle look, which makes them an ideal solution if you are not ready to go down the Botox® or Dermal Fillers options.

Skin booster which is a fully approved product to achieve the following effects:

  • To improve overall skin quality in terms of hydration, elasticity, texture and radiance

  • As prevention of skin ageing

  • To achieve immediate skin glow

  • To improve fine lines especially around the mouth and under the eyes

  • To improve uneven skin texture, especially acne scars

We will use injections of small amounts of hyaluronic acid

Often mixed with vitamins, amino acids, minerals

Products used :

Teoxane redensity1


Wow fusion



Skin Booster will leave you with a refreshed and plumper feeling skin, with increased hydration and a firmer, smoother feel. With age, our skin can lose up to two-thirds of our hyaluronic acid supplies, reducing our skin’s ability to retain moisture and leaving your skin feeling dry, brittle, and loose. This treatment restores your natural amounts of hyaluronic acid, allowing your skin to rehydrate naturally and lock the moisture inside deeper layers of the skin.


Skin Booster treatment together with hydration will give you a feeling of enhanced elasticity, and a firmer, more youthful look with reduced creasing and wrinkles. You will notice your skin tone and texture improved, as the TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 treatment stimulates the auto-production of collagen deep in the dermal layer of your skin.



TEOSYAL® REDENSITY 1 works to restore your skin’s natural luminosity and radiance. After only one treatment you will notice your skin to be brighter and more luminous, this effect is only heightened as your treatment course continues.

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