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ZO Skin Product


About ZO

The dynamic bond between science and skin health is the essence of ZO Skin Health. With world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi as our legacy, we push the boundaries of traditional skincare with powerful ingredients, patented formulations and unique delivery systems.

At ZO® Skin Health, we believe that everyone can achieve and maintain healthy skin, regardless of age, ethnicity, skin condition or skin type.

Our comprehensive product and peel range offers targeted solutions for hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea and ageing concerns as well as preventative and protective care for all skin types.

ZO Skin Health has developed a wide spectrum of advanced skincare protocols and products. They include therapeutic treatment protocols, highly effective products and daily skincare solutions that create and maintain healthy skin. Based on the latest scientific advances in skin therapy technologies, these products and protocols help physicians to provide continuous skin health for all skin types, genders and ages.

ZO Anti-ageing programme

The programme is made with highly advanced anti-ageing ingredients and technologies is designed to help reduce the appearance of early or significent signs of environmental and chronological ageing. The anti-ageing programme uses potent ingredients to:Help reduce the apprearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Promote a more even looking skincream and finer pore appearance. Preserve and maintain a more youthful looking complexion. Help prevent future skin damage by protecting against the harmful effectsof the sun. 

OFFECTS exfoliating polish


This skin smoothing scrub contains ultra-fine magnesium crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells and increase epidermal turnover for a clear , smooth and even-toned complexion. Vitamins A,C,E and C esters provide antioxidant benefits to help maintain the skins barrier function

OFFECTS Hydrating/exfoliating cleansers/foamacleanse

Different cleansers available depending
on skin type.

Growth factor serum+ 

This lightweight formula features two lipopeptides to support collagen and elastin production for increased skin density. A combination of retinol and amino acids stimulates cellular function reduces collagen degradation and restores elasticity.This skin smoothing scrub contains ultra-fine magnesium crystals to exfoliate dead skin cells and increase epidermal turnover for a clear , smooth and even-toned complexion.

Complexion renewal pads

Moistened facial pads that help minimise surface oil while removing pore-clogging dead skin cells and dirt to leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. 60 pads included.

Ossential advanced radical night repair

Using a high concentration of retinol(1%), this formula is designed to deliver rapid results to address multiple signs of skin ageing.

Sunscreen +
pimer SPF 30

Non-greasy, quick drying sunscreen with a sheer matte finish offering broad-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB rays. Natural melanin shields skin from aging effects of high-energy visible (HEV) light. A universal tint and a silky matte finish help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections. Can be used alone or worn under makeup for a more even, long-lasting application. Oxybenzone free. ZOX12® Engineered with our exclusive 12-hour, time-release ZOX12® complex, our sunscreens help shield the skin from harmful infrared (IR-A) rays.

sunscreen SPF 50

Smart Tone SPF 50 is a highly advanced, ultra-lightweight sunscreen featuring patented, customisable colour beads designed to blend into most skin tones. This SPF 50 sunscreen provides daily broad-spectrum protection against harmful, skin ageing UVA rays and skin burning UVB rays with a blend of FDA-approved filters. Prevent melasma, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation with this smart SPF 50 sunscreen. Additionally, fractionated melanin included in this SPF helps shield the skin against the ageing effects of HEV light. This sunscreen is enriched with skin conditioners to encourage skin to maintain a youthful, soft and smooth appearance.



• Customisable colour beads with broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to matchany skin tone

• Provides additional protection against
HEV light

• DNA repair and protection help preventfuture oxidative stress

• Anti-redness inhibitors

• ZOX12™ provides continuous antioxidant protection against free radical damage and the harmful effects of IR-A rays

• Restores hydration with skin conditioners and skin barrier replenishers, so skin stays youthful, soft and smooth

Ossential daily power defence


Time-released retinol, antioxidants and specialised DNA-repairing enzymes work around the clock to help minimise UV oxidative damage and uneven pigmentation. They also help restore skin function and elasticity while stimulating collagen production to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Great for treating Rosacea and Hyper-Pigmentation.

ZO ORASER correcting hand & body scrub

This breakthrough in hand & body exfoliation makes a dramatic and immediate improvement in the appearance of dry, rough, scaly skin. It’s dual chemical and mechanical exfoliating system uses proven salicylic acid and sugar crystals for a multi exfoliation approach. Shea butter, mango and safflower oils soften skin and make hands, feet and all areas of the body look and feel hydrated.

ORASER body emulsion plus

This formula improves the quality, texture and overall health of the skin while reversing the look of dry dull skin as well as brown spots, hyperpigmentation and loss of firmness. It's exclusive 12 hour time release antioxidant complex provides continuous protection against oxidative stress.

Sunscreen + powder broad-spectrum SPF 40

Sunscreen + Powder Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 is powered by Triple-Spectrum Protection® and exclusive ZO® antioxidant technology to deliver superior skin defense with a hint of advanced color pigments. The densely packed, ultra-soft bristles provide a seamless + even application of powder and is designed to prevent shedding + fraying. Available in three universal shades: light, medium + deep.



• Maintains hydration and absorbs
surface oil to minimize shine

• Provides buildable coverage with
color-enhancing pigments + light
reflecting minerals for a luminous glow

• Leaves skin feeling smooth

• Can be applied over makeup and
re-applied throughout the day

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